Lightning Release Unveils Exciting Updates for April 2023

The Lightning team has announced their latest April 2023 release, bringing an array of updates and improvements aimed at enhancing the development experience. Here’s a summary of the major changes in the release.

Lightning Core 2.10.0: Vite Integration and More

Lightning Core has been updated to version 2.10.0, featuring the integration of Vite as a replacement for the rollup bundler. Vitest has also been integrated for unit testing. Other key improvements include:

Lightning SDK 5.3.2: Stability Enhancements and Fixes

The Lightning SDK has been updated to version 5.3.2, focusing on fixing issues and improving overall stability. The most significant fix addresses the router backtrack issue, where the application did not behave correctly when using deeplinks.

Lightning CLI 2.11.0: New Features and Bug Fixes

The Lightning CLI has been updated to version 2.11.0, featuring useful new features and bug fixes, including:

Developers are encouraged to update their projects and enjoy the new improvements and fixes offered in the April 2023 Lightning Release.