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We have been building Smart TV applications for the last ten years ourselves, so we know first-hand how cumbersome testing can get. While inevitable for delivering the best product possible, it can get quite messy, time-consuming, and costly. That's why we've used our long-time experience and designed E2Etv as the answer to these challenges - providing a solution that is effective, reliable, and convenient.

Flexible & cost efficient

Once you connect your devices to our specialized hardware controller, testing can be done remotely from anywhere in the world via our cloud server, which also stores all your test results. This option brings a lot of freedom as your testing team can be completely remote - or even distributed throughout the globe - which will dramatically reduce your QA costs since you won't need to keep your testing team local.

Don't let your users wait

Automated tests are not just for bugs but an excellent opportunity to test the performance of your apps. Speed is a very important aspect of user experience and can vary significantly across the many devices that can be found in people's living rooms. E2Etv lets you discover bottlenecks that can cause your apps to act sloppy in some situations so that you can optimize for selected devices.

Test on
real devices

Real devices are irreplaceable

Users don't run apps in VMs or simulators, and you shouldn't either! This is the only way you can know how your applications will behave in the real world, on a variety of devices, controlled with a remote control, tested time after time until you're sure all bugs have been exterminated, and your app is stable as a rock.

Easy & familiar

Life is easy with E2Etv! Setup is a simple 3-step process - just connect your device to our hardware controller, pair it with the cloud server, and prepare your application. And you're ready to go! No need to learn anything new - use the tools you're already familiar with. E2Etv is compatible with most JS test frameworks such as MOCHA or Jasmine.

Or just let us take care of everything

Whether you want to do everything on your own, or you can't even be bothered to build a test team, we've got you covered. With years of experience under our belt, we offer a range of setups from consulting to full service - we'll write test scenarios, get the right devices, run tests on them, and evaluate them for you. Let's talk and find the solution that fits you best!

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Covering 80% of The Market

Consumers have been expecting their TVs to do more than just receive broadcasts for a long time now, and it clearly shows in sales numbers - Smart TVs are predicted to account for 70% of all TVs sold in 2018. There is a vast variety of connected devices for the consumer to choose from. Although most brands use their own OS, according to IHS Markit 2018 market research, around 80% of Smart TVs sold use the HTML5 standard for apps - making these a logical choice for many developers.

Our TV testing is designed to help you seamlessly test your apps on any model of TV using the HTML5 standard - whether it's running on Samsung's Tizen, LG's webOS, or Panasonic's FirefoxOS - covering a vast majority of the market.